The ideal method of communication is whatever means is the easiest and most efficient for you, the homeowner. On all of our projects, we predetermine the POINT PERSON living in the home, being whichever partner the homeowners choose to be the primary contact person to interface with the company.
1. For short messages without urgency, we prefer texting over emailing
2. For longer messages without urgency, we prefer emailing to texting
3. For urgent messages, we prefer a good ol’ telephone call!
4. Our secure Client VIP online feature will enable direct dialogue and data entry regarding your job details

All of the people we employ are thoroughly vetted and have proven themselves to be responsible and trustworthy over the years. Our reputation relies on that fact. Our crews remain the same crews that we have been working with us for years. We are in people’s homes every day of the week, and in today’s world many partners are both employed during business hours. Several methods are utilized for secure entry: We have password-protected door key boxes (like the realtors use). We often temporarily utilize the wireless garage door opener, which is password-protected. For exterior-only projects, we supply a Port-o-John, and do not require access to your home, with the exception of the garage space. Daily garage access will be needed for staging, materials, tools, and a protected work area.

A popular approach for our company is to determine your priorities and to then tackle your project in PHASES. “PHASING” has been a successfully delivered option for many years. Primarily, it won’t “break the bank”. As my dad used to say, “By the inch, it’s a cinch; By the yard, it’s hard!” Secondly, you can feel some degree of satisfaction, having gotten at least one of your needed projects underway. Finally, it gives you a first-hand opportunity to witness how 21ST CENTURY BUILDING COMPANY progresses through your project, confirming that we are indeed a “good fit”. Our goal will always be to place our current clients on our Referral List, who will hire us again, and recommend us to their best friend. Finding that we are a “good fit” is the number one predictor for subsequent work. And this will make your decision to launch the subsequent project that much smoother. The onus is on us to make you happy throughout the job and we always welcome that challenge.

For substantial renovation projects, this is a fundamental question. The cost of a major, comprehensive renovation can approach the cost involved in buying and moving into another home. These days, the biggest challenge we see is getting the “right sale price” for what you consider “fair value” for your existing home on the market. Finding another “affordable” home that doesn’t require significant updating to make it “yours”, like your current home is, becomes another significant challenge. Often times, we find that homeowners bought because they “love the location”, schools, or neighborhood. In this scenario, customizing the renovation to meet your exact needs, without “over-building” can be accomplished by surgically designing your project no larger than it absolutely has to be to fill your needs. See our DESIGN/BUILD section to gain some understanding how 21ST CENTURY BUILDING COMPANY strives to achieve this objective through our ONLINE DESIGN process.